To comission a piece of furniture call or e mail and we can arrange a meeting to discuss your plans. The  consultation is free of charge and usually takes place in your home so I can take some initial measurements. You may be very clear on what you want or I'm happy to advise on how best to use the space and what may suit the room aesthetically. If it's for storage, as obvious as it seems, it's important to think about what will be stored and ease of access. Wardrobes can have a large variety of interior fittings, shelves, rails, etc and will be in constant use, so typically I will spend a good deal of time with clients discussing and advising on how best to fit them out.


Once we've established a design, materials and finish I will send a written quote along with an initial drawing. If you decide to go ahead I'll visit you again to take more measurements to make a more detailed design, which we can discuss and  then make any alterations needed to ensure that the final product is exactly to your requirements.


For larger work (over £1000) a deposit of 30% is required, with balance of payment made on complettion.